PLATEAU 2019 co-located with

10th annual workshop on the intersection of HCI and PL
New Orleans, Louisiana October 24, 2019
Co-located with · Royal Conti room, Royal Sonesta Hotel

Royal Conti room, Royal Sonesta Hotel

PLATEAU has two major activities: Presentations from young researchers and constructive feedback from our panel and audience. A set of discussions to develop standards for our burgeoning community. See our homepage for more details. See below for a breakdown of the discussion stages and a workshop schedule.

Discussion of Standards
Stage 0: Why a Discussion of Standards?
  • Transactions submission guidelines
  • Consistency across communities
  • Help young or transitioning researchers understand the community
  • Supporting reviewers
Stage 1: Category Identification
  • Teams generate lists of paper types with think-pair-share
Stage 2: Breakouts Based on Interest and Expertise
  • Develop boundaries of paper type
  • Pick model papers
  • Develop abstract formula
  • If time, write up standards for paper type (in outline form)
Stage 3: Synthesis
  • Report back to the group
Breakfast8:00 AM–9:00 AM
Introduction9:00 AM–9:05 AM
Approaching polyglot programming: what can we learn from bilingualism studies?, Rebecca Hao and Elena Glassman9:05 AM–9:22 AM
Machine-o-Matic: a Programming Environment for Prototyping Digital Fabrication Workflows, Jasper Tran O'Leary and Nadya Peek9:22 AM–9:39 AM
A Pilot Study of the Safety and Usability of the Obsidian Blockchain Programming Language, Gauri Kambhatla, Michael Coblenz, Reed Oei, Joshua Sunshine, Brad Myers and Jonathan Aldrich9:39 AM–9:56 AM
The Scone DSL: Smart Sampling for Smarter Statistics, Eunice Jun, Emery Berger and Ben Zorn9:56 AM–10:13 AM
Type-Directed Program Transformations for the Working Functional Programmer, Justin Lubin and Ravi Chugh10:13 AM–10:35 AM
Break 110:35 AM–10:50 AM
Designing Declarative Language Tutorials: a Guided and Individualized Approach, Anael Kuperwajs Cohen, Wode Ni and Joshua Sunshine10:50 AM–11:07 AM
Defining Visual Narratives for Mathematics Declaratively, Max Krieger, Wode Ni and Joshua Sunshine11:07 AM–11:29 AM
Discussion 111:29 AM–12:15 PM
Lunch12:15 PM–1:30 PM
Human-Centric Program Synthesis, Will Crichton1:30 PM–1:47 PM
Is a Data Frame Just a Table?, Yifan Wu1:47 PM–2:04 PM
Discussion 22:04 PM–2:45 PM
Break 22:45 PM–3:15 PM
Live Programming Environment for Deep Learning with Instant and Editable Neural Network Visualization, Chunqi Zhao, Tsukasa Fukusato, Jun Kato, and Takeo Igarashi3:15 PM–3:32 PM
A Rule-authoring System to Enable End-User In-The-Loop Machine Learning, Soya Park, Kerry Chang and Ted Benson3:32 PM–3:49 PM
Discussion 33:49 PM–4:30 PM
Important Dates
August 15, 2019 (AoE time)
Paper Submission
October 24, 2019
Titus Barik
Microsoft Research
Amy J. Ko
University of Washington
Thomas LaToza
George Mason University
Organizing Committee
Joshua Sunshine
Carnegie Mellon University
Elena Glassman
Harvard University
Sarah Chasins
University of California, Berkeley